Timeline Preparation for Collaboration Step One: Talking About Strengths and Taking the VIA Step Two: Team Participates In Trust Interview Step Three: Reflective Practice Following Trust Interview Step Four: Strength Storytelling and Reflective Practice Collaborative Planning
Actions Collaborative dialogue about project

Coach leaders for VIA introduction to team – talking about strengths

Leaders take the VIA assessment
Team takes VIA assessment

Leaders discuss trust and safety discussed and “IMANI” interview reviewed

Leaders model and share their trust stories
Team participates in trust interview

Leaders analyze VIA data and prepare team report
Coach leaders for VIA group results

Coach leaders for strength storytelling and reflective practice
Strength storytelling and reflective practice

Sharing the origins of our strengths
New ways of moving forward together

Strategic planning for future goals toward collaborative governance
Goals and Skills Create a context for trust

Collaborative dialogue

Engagement To develop a mutual understanding of the meaning of collaboration and the project intentions.

“Marrying our ideas to make a better bread”
Assess character strengths

Develop a team language of strengths

Self-awareness develops as we talk about our strengths
Increased trust and engagement

Empathy and compassion increases and shared meaning develops
Learn dialogical practices: reflection, appreciation and practice

Team facilitation

Collaborative action: making sure all voices are heard

Fairness and justice modeling and amplification
Develop a team language of strengths

Witnessing, Listening, Respecting, Validation, Mirroring

Self-reflection, Reflection-in-action

Strength spotting
Putting the strengths to use through specific action steps

Describing practical strategies to reach future goals

Apply goals in action steps for success